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The nurse cocked a suspicious eyebrow but figured it would be best not to question Atsuko’s motives, the jonin of this village were scary and had breakdowns in the hospital entirely too often, she didn’t want another one. “Fine, follow me. We’ll treat the concussion.” Atsuko nodded, holding her head since it felt like her brain was exploding.

As she followed the nurse down the hall leading away from the reception she saw Squard approaching slowly on crutches. A satisfied smirk appeared on her face as she saw that she’d hurt him quite bad, the humiliation of being knocked unconscious by him was slightly easier to forget now. “You’re an absolute ass for leaving me on the training field with a concussion, and I still think I could beat you but… well fought” She admitted begrudgingly before the nurse started making impatient noises and herded her off into a hospital room.

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